Step 1 - SIGN UP

Congratulations! You decided it’s time to make your life easier and more productive by getting Israel IT Center executive assistance on board! By  clicking on “Staff Request” button on our website and filling out  all necessary information, you’ll be contacted by one of our sales managers to clarify vacancy information and to guide you through cooperation process.


Our experienced Sourcing Team immediately gets to work finding perfect candidates for you. Pre-screening by vacancy requirements allows to select the best potential fit for your team.


Your personal Recruiter finalizes sourcing and pre-interviews approved candidates on the phone. You can request a candidate to perform a test task to have a better picture of the skills before the interview.. 


Your personal Recruiter sets up an interview with chosen candidates on your request. This part of Israel IT Center Recruitment process involves phone, Skype or Zoom face-to-face interviews. At this stage you can quiz perspective staff as much as you need, clarify skills, experience, goals, salary, schedule, and other respective information. 

Step 5 - HIRING

Once you’ve chosen the right candidates, our recruiter sends them job offer with all discussed details, start date, contract and NDA. Congratulations! You’ve got staff onboard!

How can we be so good?

Our pricing transparency is very clear. We charge on top of staff remuneration. Service fee covers accounting, HR, taxes, office expenses, English classes, massage & yoga classes, team-buildings, corporate events, birthday gifts etc. 

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